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so i went shopping for myself for the first time in months at the local bookplace where they have books but you have to pay for them instead of just giving them to you, cause' it's capitalism, yo!
i found one of the three sandman compilations i've been missing, Carl Sagan's Cosmos (which i should have already, but it was all used and probably outdated, but has pretty pictures and i SQUEEd), John Howe's fantasy art makery book, also for the pretty pictures plus the whole voyeurism into how real artists work thing. did you know they still use pencils?!?
i got one comic book, but there's really nothing there i want that way. kinda' depressing. for once it's not that i have no interest but i realize the form is dried up irregardless of my interest. i think that way about a lot of things. maybe i'm growing too fast. or maybe it really is just me.
i need a stool for my art desk, and a lamp. but books are fun.


    That was sooooooo much fun. Thank you so much, Ellen. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

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    oh shit! i took the watercolors out! ART IS GOING TO HAPPEN! must. not. look. pleased.

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