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*stumbles squintilly into thingses*

sleepy tired. my sister-lady woke me up this morning to come over have coffee. so i walked over there. then i did some more walking around, to the art supply store and stuff. tired feetsies.
i forgot to do my paper journalling. at least i got some doodling done.
got a few more of the new prismacolor colors. i'm wondering if the colorfast ones leak wax like the older kind. i shoulda' asked.
also got new sketchbooks. glee!
and thought of another funny for one of the commie books i have sifting through my hypocampus. i'm so close to actually working on them. GLEE!


    That was sooooooo much fun. Thank you so much, Ellen. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

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    oh shit! i took the watercolors out! ART IS GOING TO HAPPEN! must. not. look. pleased.

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