That was sooooooo much fun. Thank you so much, Ellen. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
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*brushes off top of journal*

i'm sorry it's been so long since i've posted here. facebook killed the livejournal poster. hopefully i can catch back up. rather than tell you all that's happened since last i've posted i'll just try to keep you updated from here on out. cool?
i no longer have any work up at deviantart. i removed it because in a chatroom there i wasn't allowed to use the word "fag". wtf? my blog also is running fallow at I must take pics of stuff soon to fill it in more regularlike. as long as my 'puter holds out.

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that's the sound my sister's baby makes. she was late for feeding time and we were in the motor vehicle. i wasn't minding but i have enough pills in me to make a rhino see pink elephants when they should be hearing a siren. sometimes it helps if i holds her hand so i tried that, but after that didn't work bros in law tried wiggling her pacifier. that convinced her for five seconds or so that she was ingesting sumpin. then she seemed to remember she isn't allowed whole foods yet, and that plastic is nothing like a smashed banana. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! all the way to their house.
i had fun, though. we watched movies and stuff and that gave me a few days off.
i feel lazy but okay.
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so i went shopping for myself for the first time in months at the local bookplace where they have books but you have to pay for them instead of just giving them to you, cause' it's capitalism, yo!
i found one of the three sandman compilations i've been missing, Carl Sagan's Cosmos (which i should have already, but it was all used and probably outdated, but has pretty pictures and i SQUEEd), John Howe's fantasy art makery book, also for the pretty pictures plus the whole voyeurism into how real artists work thing. did you know they still use pencils?!?
i got one comic book, but there's really nothing there i want that way. kinda' depressing. for once it's not that i have no interest but i realize the form is dried up irregardless of my interest. i think that way about a lot of things. maybe i'm growing too fast. or maybe it really is just me.
i need a stool for my art desk, and a lamp. but books are fun.
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today at coffee Brooksy pointed out the bee-ate-les on a little insert in the paper. before i could point out that Elvis was the fifth bee-ate-le i got Maxwell's Silver Hammer stuck in mah head. nothing on earth can make a guy feel so creepy as to be out and about and realize he's enjoying humming that jaunty tune. still...
i'm so behind on work. someone please kick my clinically depressed ass out of bed.
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err-- i mean-- 10001000010101000100001010111100001110

i'd maybe be attracted to him if he didn't have those mattel eyebrows. not like i have any place to say...


it's not binary, i just hiccup in base two counted backwards because i'm made uncomfortable by his eyebrows.
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(no subject)

From Ellen: The first ten people to comment in this post AND repost this meme in their own journal get to request a sketch on the topic of their choosing from me!

If you are not a sketcher, I'm sure you have an art form you can use to "sketch" for others. This totally counts. :)


ha! like i know ten people! go ahead, tell your friends. it'll be hilarious. and no asking for monkeys.
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and why neither works

besides the obvious hypocrisy of voting for the nicest seeming guy to have the job of being the biggest asshole in the world? i should know. i'm the most asshole seeming guy that has to be nicest.
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patriot chin
winner's grin
little success
from everyone's babe
once a soldier
patriot grin
letting protestors
metal-scanned in
wife which rich wither strokes
patriot's smirk
never besmirched
little unstable
it's only a twitch
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